The terms and conditions set out the rights and the commitments of you doing business with us. Our terms and conditions are the following.

Customer Agreement

Customer service and obligation to our customers has been customer driven. We will do our best all the time to provide trustworthy services, in the instance of a problem, we will make all efforts to resolve it accordingly.


Our purpose is to promote British heritage and culture.

Economy price !

We ensure to have low-cost on all services provided, included in our pricing is the VAT.

Cancellations and refunds

There is no cancellation because the pricings are budgeted. However, we permit rescheduling of the holiday period, package and person. On the contrary, theatre tickets, rail trips, tours and attraction tickets cannot be cancelled once booked. This means the bookings with Sabaoth Grand Tours are transferable and changeable with the accommodation and attractions, only the booking with external agents like Legoland, Kensington Palace, London Eye, Madame Tussauds etc. that are non-refundable.

Special needs customers

At Sabaoth Grand Tour we specialise in full care service for our customers. Due to this we want to listen to you on any special requirements or needs, to allow us provide holistic facility. Call or text or WhatsApp us on 07403452772.

Customer complaints

Please alert us of any complaints by email and we will respond to you within 3 – 5 business days.


Being environmentally responsive, Sabaoth Grand Tour is environmentally friendly.


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    Posted by Voncile| 21st December 2016 |Reply

    Many many quatily points there.

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    Posted by Adeola| 25th September 2018 |Reply

    this tour is fantastic

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      Posted by Adeola| 25th September 2018 |Reply

      i am glad you enjoyed your self

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