What do I achieve in my London Visit?

  • Discover London on a walking tour around central London, the City, SouthBank Centre and Bankside, while sightseeing the most ancient historical and architectural buildings in a circular pattern around River Thames.
  • London Walking Tour – the best way to discover London is on foot.   We have explored the most attention-grabbing and diverse paths through London around River Thames, which are fully tailored to your benefits.
  • Knowledge of the City of Westminster – Westminster combines the iconic sites of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
  • City of London – Now the financial district, this is where London started 2000 years ago! Wander down Dickensian alleys, passing hidden gardens, Roman remains, medieval churches, vibrant Victorian markets.
  • Spitalfields – One of the most popular tours combining London’s fascinating multi-cultural history with some of its finest 18th century buildings, a stunning church, cutting edge fashion and popular market.
  • Southwark – This fascinating area south of the river is popular with film makers – see where Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harry Potter were filmed! 400 years ago Shakespeare performed here.
  • Chelsea – Stroll around fashionable Chelsea and hear the stories of the many famous and infamous people who have lived here. See fine buildings such as The Royal Hospital, home to the Chelsea Pensioners, and even part of the Berlin Wall.
  • Kensington and Knightsbridge – Combine a visit to one of Kensington’s world class museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum or Science Museum with a tour through the attractive backstreets, once home to famous writers and artists.
  • Covent Garden – At the heart of the theatre district, Covent Garden is a lively area with a lively history! Enjoy the splendours of the Royal Opera House, the buzz of the street performers.


Holistic Services

The package is always accommodation, food and transportation inclusive and you can customize your own itinerary. In other words, the GOOD NEWS is that you have the chance to choose from the tour lists based on your individual need or the needs of your group.

Type of service; Here is an example

Sarah, an 18 years old girl is coming for the first time to London for 4 nights, arriving on Sunday to depart on Thursday morning. Her itinerary might be as follows:

  • To sightsee Buckingham Palace
  • To discover the history of London
  • Desire to see the cultural side of London.
  • To understand the effect of River Thames in its connectivity to the city, the central London, Southend and Bankside.
    Hence from the website www.sabaothgrandtour.com Sarah is likely to choose the following attractions:
  1. Central London Walking Tour
  2. Royal Tour
  3. Notting Hill & Portobello Market Tour
  4. Bankside Tour



Arriving on Sunday to depart on Thursday morning. Prior to Sarah’s arrival, she has the opportunity to text/email/WhatApp Deola, one of the SGT leaders in charge of new clients. Deola’s other responsibility to Sarah will be to ensure her safe departure, to arrange for her transfer to the host family from Heathrow Airport, to know the details of flight name and numbers via email with the arrival time. Sarah is also advised to have Deola’s number added to her contact for easy access and her phone to be fully charged.


At last Sarah and Deola met and exchanged pleasantries. Sarah with other clients arriving on Sunday from the Airport is taken to their host families OR Sarah’s host family comes directly to pick her from the airport.

AT HOME – Sunday

Sarah will meet the rest of the family, encouraged to charge her phone and called her loved ones (WIFI is free). She will be given free time to relax before briefing on her attractions, during this meeting Sarah with her group in the host family will learn how to communicate in English Language verbally and electronically (google translate). She will have an early dinner at 6pm, so that she can have enough time to rest, shower and settle for the next day.

MONDAY – The attractions start!

Sarah might not visit the same attractions with her group from the host family because they might choose different attractions tailored to their various needs. In a host family there is a possibility that all the clients have different attractions. So during Sarah’s stay she will have 3 or 4 groups; this also allow her diversity skills to boost. Sarah will be introduced to her group accordingly and will be aware of these at the first night.

  • Sarah first group – arrival transfer group, called AT GROUP.
  • Her second group – host family group, called HF GROUP.
  • Third group – attraction group, called ATT GROUP.
  • Fourth group – departure transfer group, called DT GROUP.