What we do!

If you are interested to visit the most significant places in London, associate with the community, improve your English Language, experience safe guided activities, explore on your own, undergo adventurous direction guided activities and more. Sabaoth Grand Tour is the travel website to visit at www. sabaothgrandtour.com.

Know London and more  in great detail on a return tour by bus, train and walking. These give a vivid view and knowledge of how to move about in London and a great opportunity to discover other cities.

The focus of Sabaoth Grand Tour is to assist you to explore the major part of London in a short period as low as 3 nights arriving on Thursday night and leaving on Sunday morning, the 3 & 4 nights stay are primarily for school excursions. To maximize your stay, it is worthwhile to stay for 4 nights. In order to experience the grand tour effect, it is advisable to stay for 7 nights, while 10 nights stay are for adventurers that want to get the best out of the experience and a 14 nights school trip plan to take pupils on a bespoke travel in the UK is also available.

The 10 nights stay will give you the opportunity to discover the cultural, historical London and other cities, also enhances your association with the community in a safe environment, interact with the locals and develop your English Language. Most of our host families are qualified with TEFL to teach foreigners English language. There is also opportunity to seat in a class of 10 students of different background, learn how to communicate effectively with confidence in a conducive environment.

What we do

We focus on maximising customers’ experience.

We believe in authenticity; Tourists should be given a genuine impression and understanding of the destinations they are visiting.

We recognise that safety is FIRST in all touring.

We are flexible with the length of stay; however minimum stay is 3 nights.

We cover major geographical location in Britain, especially remote or peripheral destinations.

We provide tour within 24hours from London that does not require overnight stay to places like Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Blackpool, Cardiff in Wales, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, York, Bristol, Bath, etc.

We are available, reliable and flexible.

We organise transport inclusive tour with cheapest & flexible fare. Benefits includes door to door, transport to and from destination.

We tour to all the countries in the United Kingdom; Northern Island, Wales, Scotland and England.

We do Adventurous Touring; for example, visit Edinburgh in Scotland by car. This will include discovering and sightseeing other cities like York or Leeds or Sheffield or Manchester with an overnight stay on the outwards journey from London and exploring Blackpool or Liverpool or Birmingham and staying overnight on the inward journey to London. While in Scotland, you can stay for 2 nights to 3 nights to allow a visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Cost will include only accommodation and transportation. All other expenses like sightseeing bus, entrance fees, food, shopping etc. are personally borne. The booking for adventurous Touring requires 1 months booking in advance to allow proper planning because of the distance covered and accommodation.





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    Stay with this guys, you’re henlipg a lot of people.

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