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Sabaoth Grand Tour major in informative exploratory travel on British culture, traditions, monarchs, heritage, natives, foods, markets, communities etc. from all parts of the world to London, including day trips to exciting cities outside London for all ages and family of up to 4 minimum. Visit our website www.sabaothgrandtour.com for holiday packages inspiration, information about other cities destinations such as Brighton, Oxford, Warwick, Stratford- Upon- Avon,  Cambridge, Windsor, Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool, Leeds, York,  etc. SGT’s team of travel experts are passionate about exploration and experiencing different cultures across London and its surroundings.

Our inclusive package is designed for first comers to London, students, families, and groups. The reason being that the attractions are tested, informative, stress-free, memorable, flexible, educative, safe & secured, cost effective & affordable,  supervised at all times, escorted and interactive. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and learn how to work in a team. You will be able to meet different people, communicate, and relate with people from all over the world in a safe environment. The programme is intended for you to interact with your host family, learn their culture, food and family. Also you will be encourage to learn to speak in English language. You will also have the opportunity to visit the community where you lodge and meet with the locals and appreciate the differences in culture, language, behaviour, dressing, goals and aspiration. You will have time to explore on your own or with groups in a controlled manner especially in the museums, supermarkets, shopping mall etc.

School Excursions: If our existing tours are not relevant for your curriculum, it is possible to create your own according to the subject focus of your students. Why not call us for an informal chat on 07403452772 or email us on sabaothgt.gmail.com, to see what we can offer you. Schools can also mix and match tours tailored to the educational programme.

Sabaoth Grand Tour provides:

  • Stress less quality services
  • Transportation inclusive holiday packages
  • Full Boarding Accommodation (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with free WI-FI
  • Group escort services
  • Bespoke escorted tours on groups and individuals
  • Direction guidance services
  • Reasonably priced services
  • Secured and friendly user website

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To keep you satisfied and contented throughout your stay, on arrival you will be given three different telephone numbers of the tour or trip leader/ guide, SGT group leader and your host family. When anything goes wrong our code is C H I LL, you only need to text a letter to reveal the circumstance to any or all of the contacts.

C                           H                     I                                       L L

COMPLAIN       HELP             I NEED YOU      LOST!

COMPLAIN, remember ALL problems are met to be SOLVED.

HELP, anyone from your group can sort it out.

I NEED YOU, one of the leaders will meet with you.

LOST! you need to stay in an open safe place and the leader that you can identify will come and get you.

Your inclusive holiday packages have 5 options could be:

  • Three-nights stay, arriving on Thursday to depart on Sunday morning
  • Four-nights stay, arriving on Sunday to depart on Thursday morning
  • Four-nights stay, arriving on Mondayto depart on Friday morning
  • Seven-nights stay, arriving on Sunday to depart on Sunday morning
  • Ten-nights stay, arriving on Sunday to depart on Thursday morning
  • Ten-nights stay, arriving on Thursday to depart on Sunday morning 

The Fourteen-nights or more bespoke travel is ushered by the group, the group will determine what they want and Sabaoth Grand Tour will provide assistance.

The cost for the holiday package includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch pack, dinner, tour/trip guide fees, audio guide (when required) and transportation to local attractions. Not included are transfers cost from airports, international train stations etc. However, services for these are available when required.

Affordable Prices – Example of our basic cost

The cost of the accommodation inclusive of breakfast, lunch pack, dinner – £28/night/person.

The cost of tour is inclusive of transportation plus guide, exclusive of entrance fees and audio guide tape £40/trip/person.

Extra charges apply to chargeable attractions.



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